Fiat Inflationary Circulatory System

What is FICS Coin?

FICS COIN is a form of currency based on the ERC20 Token Standard which will be used in the given crowd sale, on top of Ethereum’s Smart Contract to eliminate counter-party risk and allow fast secure payments to participants. In the near future, we are going to migrate to our own blockchain to have more flexibility to implement features such as master nodes and more.

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About Us

FICS COIN will contain smart contracts such as Ethereum. We’ll have the potential for endless mining of government and the public. However because endless mining can create an oversupply problem, the FICS system is implemented by changing the denomination of the currency as well as the cost of goods and services, therefore, the value of the currency does not change; in fact, the value increases. Inflation occurs when an economy grows due to increased spending. When this happens, prices rise and the currency within the economy is worth less than it was before; the currency essentially won’t buy as much as it would before. When a currency is worthless, its exchange rate weakens when compared to other currencies. When there is a 10% increase in inflation, 10% of the supply disappears in everyone’s account creating Deflation in the market. This allows the government and public to mine more coins. One popular method of controlling inflation is by making use of FICS COIN. The amount of supply decreases because of the loss of a decimal point, but the value stays the same, and because of the growth potential the value increases over time. Since the value never decreases, it holds back inflation and deflation, making it a rare occurrence for a Re-evaluation. Moreover, this currency will also have the speed and durability of Ripple; super fast transfer rates.

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Token Allocations and Distributions

Token Allocations

FICS will seek funding through an ICO in April 2018.

The FICS token sold during the token launch is known as the FICS COIN. This is the only time that these tokenscan be created, and therefore the total supply of FICS COIN is fixed. To achieve all the goals stated in the roadmap with regard to the development of the FICS COIN, the team launches a crowd funding campaign based on the Token Sale model.

The total tokens supply: 300,000,000 – three hundred million tokens.
Coin Name: FICS COIN
Coin Abbreviation: FICS
Total Coins: 100,000,000 Coins

The extra 200 million coins are used in the crowdfunding and will be implemented in the Blockchain when the system is up and running. Money from the investors will be used in the development of the project and therefore will be continuous throughout the ICO.

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